Automatically increase how often your customers visit by up to 500%

We help increase referrals and positive reviews, turn first time customers into repeat customers, repeat customers into lifetime clients, and much more…

You worked hard to get your customers. We’ll help you keep them.

  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Resolve Negative Reviews Offline
  • Increase Positive Online Reviews
  • Improve Online Ranking
  • Increase Social Media Referrals
  • Increase Customer Referrals
  • Increase Frequency of Visits
  • Increase Customers Lifetime Value
  • Reduce Advertising Cost
  • Track Customer Behavior Through Analytics
  • Automate Birthday Promotions
  • Automate Holiday Promotions
  • Automatically confirm Appointments
  • Automatic Reminder to Schedule a service
  • Send Instant promotions

Loyalty Programs

Automate your marketing and passively increase revenue!

  • Increase frequency of visits by up to 500%
  • 2% increase in customer retention is equal to 10% decrease in overall costs
  • Loyal customers spend 67% more
  • It’s up to 10 times more expensive to acquire a new client than to keep an current one
  • 5% increase in frequency of visit increases profit between 25% - 95%. Harvard Business School

Reputation Management

Increase positive reviews online while privately resolving negative reviews

  • It takes 12 positive reviews to make up for one negative review
  • 84 percent trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from friends
  • 91 percent of consumers read online reviews
  • A one-star increase in rating increases revenue by up to 10%. Harvard Business School

Automate your Marketing

Collect customer data and automate your promotions to grow profit exponentially

  • Automatically increase customer retention and frequency of visits
  • Autonomously remind customers of upcoming appointments
  • Use analytics to identify the most successful promotions
  • Increase sales using auto marketing triggers
  • Connect with customers directly via SMS and Email

Additional Benefits

  • White labeled iPad with your business offer
  • Customers easily enroll with a simple check in
  • Unlimited members sign up
  • Unlimited offers
  • Track full customer history
  • Social media integration
  • No Contract
  • Free Support & Training
  • And much more…

Back Office Administration

Easy to use back office that displays members, settings, statistics analytics, and more that is accessible through any

MyLoyaltyApps Works with All Types of Organizations

Coffee Shops


Fast Casual / Pizza

Dry Cleaners

Oil Change

Florist / Gift Shops

Barber Shop

Retail Stores

Nail & Hair Salon

Ice Cream Shop

Car Wash

Auto Repair Shops

Medical / Dental


Smoke / Vape Shop

Photography Studio


Shipping / copying

Our Story - Why We Do What We Do

We know first-hand as a family the challenges that come with running a business. Our family had run a small business for many years but there’s one thing we realized; while you’re working in your business contributing to your operations, it is hard to simultaneously work on your marketing and growth. Instead of accepting the fact, we solved it by creating MyLoyaltyApps. A software designed by a business owner, a computer software engineer with a masters degree, and a MBA student. We developed MyLoyaltyApps with one purpose in mind, to allow you to spend time on what really matters to you, working in your business, ensuring customers receive the best experience, while MyLoyaltyApps works on your business to ensure those customers will return soon, refer you to others, and leave your company a five star review to let others know how great you are. Additionally, we believe in entrepreneurship. When creating our reseller program, we wanted to allow others to live their American Dream, giving them the ability to start their own business risk free.

Mission Statement

To provide entrepreneurs with the right tools to succeed and create passive income so they have more time to spend on what really matters to them

Ready to see it in action?