Frequently asked questions

How can MyLoyaltyApps Help my business get new customers?

Business owners and entrepreneurs who kept up with the most innovative technology to market their businesses are way ahead in the game of business success and profit. MyLoyaltyApps is an innovative technology company, whose sole purpose is to help small businesses take advantage of the latest technology to increase their profit exponentially.

the Internet has changed the game. It closed the gap between the number of people who hear about your service regardless if it is a good or bad experience. Today, very happy clients spread the word to equally the same amount of potential customers as upset customers do when leaving reviews. These reviews are read by thousands of people. Those potential prospects base their decision on whether to do business with a company on the reviews they read and the number of stars earned. New prospects are influenced by people they don’t even know and most likely will never meet.

According to a recent IBM study, 92 percent of consumers read reviews before making a decision on what business to chose. According to IBM small businesses lose approximately $83 billion each year because of the negative online reviews.

MyLoyaltyApps software is designed to help increase positive reviews, search engine ranking, Customer loyalty, dollar per transaction and foremost number of first time customers and daily revenue. All what clients have to do when they visit your business is to check-in on the tablet or their smart phone.

Why is loyalty promotion important and how does it work?

It is important as an entrepreneur and business owner to know the frequency of visits of your clients and to encourage them to increase their frequency of visits to your business by providing them with enough incentives so they are willing to drive by your competitors to come to you. The incentive could be as  “Check-in and receive a Free Service every nine visits” or “Check-in and receive 50% off  every four visits”  or any incentive that works best for you business…  

American eat an average of 4.8 commercially prepared meals per week, but how often do  they visit the same restaurant every month? Just ask yourself, how often do you dine at the same restaurant every month? The loyalty promotion among other features of MyLoyaltyApps helps to incentivise the customers to become more loyal to your business and to return more often because they are looking forward for the reward, therefore increasing your daily revenue.   

A Harvard University Study concluded that if you increase the frequency of visits of existing customers by 5%, Net Profit will increase anywhere between 25-125%. Studies have shown that customers who join loyalty programs are likely to increase their frequency of visits by 20% and also increase their dollar per transaction by another 20%.

All what clients have to do when they visit your business is to check-in on the tablet or their smart phone.

Can MyLoyaltyApps really automate my marketing?

The main purpose of MyLoyaltyApps is to automate the marketing strategies of businesses. Small business owners are too busy running their daily operation to provide their customers with the best experience and service. Most often they are too busy working in their business and have no time to work on their business. Many hire a marketing person and pay them thousands of dollars per month. MyLoyaltyApps can eliminate the cost of a marketing person and automate many essential marketing strategies using the most innovative technology available today.

MyLoyaltyApps is designed to help increase:

  • Search engine ranking
  • Positive reviews
  • First time customers
  • Referrals
  • Frequency of visits
  • Daily revenue
  • Loyalty
  • Traffic on a slow day
  • And much more

All the the clients have to do is check-in with every visit then the App will automate the marketing strategies that you set up in the back office.