Too Busy Working in Your Business?

Let Our App Work On Your Business

Designed for small businesses to help them market and grow revenue automatically!

Benefits of using MyLoyaltyApps for Your Business..

  • Increase Positive Reviews
  • Control Negative Reviews
  • Improve Search Engine Ranking
  • Automatically Attract New Customers
  • Increase Frequency of Visits
  • Increase Loyalty Promotion
  • Increase Referrals
  • Automate Your Marketing

Loyalty Promotion

When your customers are part of your Loyalty Promotion program:

  • Increase $/transaction by 20% more
  • Increase their frequency of visits by 20%
  • 42% of clients Refer 4 or More clients
  • Have 90% Redemption Rate
  • Increasing average visits from 3 to 4 equals 25% increase in revenue
  • Harvard University Study concluded that if you increase number of customers by 5% your net profit will increase between 25% - 125%

Improve Online Reviews

  • MyLoyaltyApps will encourage customers to leave more positive reviews on Yelp and Google
  • Manage negative reviews through our mitigation system (catch them before they get online)
  • Increase Search Engine Ranking
  • Increase first time customers that are influenced by positive reviews
  • Harvard Business School study indicates one-star rating increase revenue up to 10%

79% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews

As Much as Personal Recommendations From a Friend or a Family Member


  • 90% of customers are effected by a positive review
  • 86% of customers are effected by a negative review

Automate your Marketing

The App tracks customer visits:

  • Setup the App to send out automated incentives after a certain number of days from last visit (happens automatically once setup)
  • Send SMS promotions to them incentives to get them to come back more often
  • Send special offers to increase $ / transaction
  • Integrates with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Send promotions and have customers pay through the shopping cart
  • On Slow Days, send out offers to ALL customers in your database

Many other benefits

  • VIP Advantage 
  • One Click call, directions and website
  • Product and Services with Shopping Cart
  • Video Testimonials on YouTube
  • and much more...

Web-based Administration

A simple and easy to use website for managing members, events, viewing stats and more.



Send offers directly to your customer's cell phone


Positive reviews are best way to acquire new customers

Automatic Triggers

Automatically encourage customers to return more often

Customer Tracking

Full analytics on every customer visit and rewards redeemed

VIP Membership

Grow customer loyalty by incentives every visit


Capture happy customers feedback to share

Push Notifications

Instant offers to drive traffic to your business within minutes

Social Media

Incentivize your customers to share on social media

Shopping Cart

Open 24 hours for business

MyLoyaltyApps Works with All Types of Organizations


Car Wash

Oil Change



Any Small Business

Purpose of Existence

Did you know that 87.9% of small businesses have less than 20 employees? And small businesses accounts for 67% of new jobs?

Yet according to Bloomberg, 80% of small businesses fail within the first 18 months. It is tough for a small business to succeed. The economy of the U.S. depends on small business, yet the odds to succeed are minimal.

For small businesses to succeed today, they must take advantage of new innovative technology. The problem is that it is cost prohibited for the small business and so they are at a disadvantage

The purpose of existence of MyLoyaltyApps is to give small businesses the odds to succeed and the edge to compete against the bigger companies.

We created the platform, and absorbed all the costs, to provide the small business with over a one hundred thousand dollar app at a fraction of the cost making it affordable for the small business.In today’s new mobile world, where everyone has a smartphone or tablet, we have a big opportunity to connect our members together – and get people participating – in ways never before possible.

Ready to see it in action?